AIGOLF Privacy Policy


AiGolf Investment Limited (AiGolf) (we, us, our) complies with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 (the Act) when dealing with personal information. ‘Personal information’ refers to any information which may be able to identify you or any other individual person such as names, date of birth, gender, unique identifiers, phone numbers, IP addresses, e-mail or other contact addresses.

This policy sets out:
-  what personal information we collect;
-  how we will collect, use, disclose and protect that information; and
-  how you may access, correct and control our use of your information and, in some circumstances, ask us to erase your information.

This policy does not limit or exclude any of your rights under the Act or any other applicable privacy or data protection law. If you wish to seek further information on the Act, see


We may change this policy by uploading a revised policy onto our website. The change will apply from the date that we upload the revised policy to such later date as we may specify.


The personal information we collect may include:
-  your name, date of birth, gender, contact details (e.g. phone number, address and email) and nationality
-  travel, accommodation, course and playing preferences
-  your credit card and/or bank details
-  your credit card and/or bank details
-  requests for related services and special assistance requests
-  information about other people you may be travelling with.

We may also:
-  collect your name, contact details (e.g. phone number, address and email) and your preferences or booking details if you choose for our website to save your details for next time you interact with us
-  collect information from your use of and interaction with our website such as what browser and operating system you use, the URL of the site from which you came to our website and the site to which you are going when you leave our website, search terms, your location and what pages you view and your online behaviour when you visit our website.

We may also collect information about you and your user experiences in our surveys and chat forums. Surveys we may conduct from time to time can collect a range of different information which can vary across each survey. We try to be as transparent as possible in our privacy notices for these surveys about what information we are collecting, how we are going to use it and who we may share it with. We may ask sales, marketing and research agencies to analyse survey results but we try hard to collect only what we need and to de-identify and aggregate your information as much as possible to protect your privacy.
Our website may also contain links to and advertisements which link to third party websites. We have no control over the privacy policies of such third parties and we encourage you to review such policies prior to providing any information to or purchasing goods or services from such third parties.


We collect personal information about you from:
-  you, when you provide that personal information to us, including via the website and any related service, through any registration or subscription process, through any contact with us (e.g. telephone call or email), or when you buy or use our services and products
-  third parties where you have authorised this or where the information is publicly available.
If possible, we will collect personal information from you directly.


We will use your personal information:
-  to verify your identity
-  to provide you with information, products or services you have requested
-  to market our services and products to you, including contacting you electronically (for example, by text, email or other electronic means for this purpose)
-  to improve the services and products that we provide to you
-  to improve the usefulness and useability of our website
-  to improve the services and products provided by any third-party service providers we partner or co-operate with
-  to bill you and to collect money that you owe us, including authorising and processing credit card transactions
-  to respond to communications from you, including any complaint
-  to conduct research and statistical analysis on an anonymised basis (see ‘Cookies’ section below)
-  to protect and/or enforce our legal rights and interests, including defending any claim
-  for any other purpose authorised by you or the Act.


We may disclose your personal information to:
-  any business or other organisation that provides the products or services you may request or order through us
-  any business that supports our services and products, including any person that hosts or maintains any underlying IT system or data centre that we use to provide the website or other services and products and any payment gateway or processor we use to process your payments
-  other third parties for anonymised statistical information and to inform, optimise and provide targeted advertisements to you
-  a person who can require us to supply your personal information (for example, a regulatory authority)
-  any other person authorised by the Act or another law (for example, a law enforcement agency)
-  any other person authorised by you.

A business that supports our services and products may be located outside New Zealand. This may mean your personal information is held and processed outside New Zealand.


We will take reasonable steps to keep your personal information safe from loss, unauthorised activity, or other misuse. To protect your personal information as you enter it on our website, we use encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. When you pay for products and services online by credit card, we use a PCI-DSS compliant third-party payment gateway, Payment Express, to securely process the payment. Click here to view the Payment Express Privacy Policy.


If you have registered on our website as a user, you can access and correct a lot of the personal information we hold about you by yourself. You can do this by signing into your account from our website. Here you can see most of the details we hold about you and you can manage your preferences and communication options.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for or, if you have not registered as a user, you can also make a request to access, correct or obtain a copy of your personal information. If you want to do this, please email us at Your email should provide evidence of who you are and set out the details of your request (for example, the personal information or the correction that you are requesting).

If you make such a request, we must take steps to confirm that you're authorised to access the information. This might involve asking you some security questions, checking your identity documents or taking other steps to verify you. We need to do this to protect your privacy and the privacy of our other users.

We will:
-  try our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible and no later than 20 working days after you make your request. Where we cannot decide within 20 working days, we'll let you know and explain why.
-  try our best to correct any information that you believe is inaccurate. But, if we do not agree that the information should be corrected, we'll attach your request to the disputed information in your account as a "statement of correction"
-  be open as we can with you but sometimes, we may not be able to meet your requests because we cannot identify or verify you or do not hold the type of information you have requested or we have an obligation to withhold that information. For example, where the information is not personal information about you, is commercially sensitive, is legally privileged, relates to the personal information of another person, or it may impact on the safety or security of our employees or other customers to release it.? In these circumstances, we will withhold the information but we'll tell you why.


In some cases, you may have the right to ask us to delete your personal information or close your account. If you have registered as a user, you can delete some information we hold about you yourself by signing into your account from our website and removing the information in fields that are not mandatory.

If the information you want to delete cannot be found or you are unable to delete it yourself, you can request it be deleted by emailing us at When you make your request, we must take steps to confirm that you're authorised to request the information is deleted. This might involve asking you some security questions, checking your identity documents or taking other steps to verify you. Please understand that we must do this in order to protect your privacy.

We will try our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible and no later than 20 working days after you make your request. Where we cannot decide within 20 working days, we'll let you know and explain why.

In some circumstances, we may not be able to delete all of your personal information.? For instance, we may need to keep some information for our financial recording obligations or for compliance with applicable laws. We will let you know if this is the case.

We also may not be able to delete all the information held by some of the third parties that provide products and services you may order through us, so you may want to approach them directly.
If you believe a minor has provided us personal information without parental or guardian consent, the parent or guardian can contact us and we will do our best to delete all of the minor's personal information. We will also access, update and correct their personal information following the processes set out above.

When you make a request relating to a minor, we must take additional steps to confirm you are authorised to access, correct or delete that information.


While we take reasonable steps to maintain secure internet connections, if you provide us with personal information over the internet, the provision of that information is at your own risk.
If you post your personal information on the website’s message board/ chat room, you acknowledge and agree that the information you post is publicly available.

If you follow a link on our website to another site, the owner of that site will have its own privacy policy relating to your personal information.

We recommend you review that site’s privacy policy before you provide personal information.We use cookies (an alphanumeric identifier that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive so that we can recognise your browser) to monitor your use of the website.

You may disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser, although this may mean that you cannot use all of the features of the website.


By using our website, you confirm that you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies in accordance with the provisions below and the rest of our privacy policy.

A 'cookie' is a small text file that can be placed on your computer, mobile or other device, when browsing a website. Two kinds of cookies are used on our website: session cookies and persistent cookies.
-  Session cookies are used to remember selections made in the booking process, giving you a more seamless booking experience on our websites. Session cookies are deleted automatically when you leave a website or close your browser.
-  Persistent cookies are used to help us identify user when they return to our websites and help us remember certain information about user preferences on our website and user online activity. These cookies also help us understand browsing behaviour within our websites, which can assist us in customising content that we believe will be most relevant to your interests. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer or device and are not deleted when the browser is closed - these cookies must be 'manually' deleted if you want to remove them.

We use cookies and similar technologies to help us record information about your interaction with and use of our website, including for the following key purposes:
-  To operate our website efficiently with a high level of functionality
-  To measure the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives
-  To learn about user preferences so that we can present user with web content and advertising that is relevant to them
-  To measure the number of advertising referrals we have received to our website from other websites
-  To produce data for reporting on completed and abandoned bookings on our website
-  To produce data on web traffic and user web activity through our website

We also use third party service providers (for example, Google) to help us track the effectiveness of our website, generate visitor traffic and to display targeted advertising. These advertisements may collect anonymous information about your visits to the website on which such advertisement is placed, your interaction with these ads and the products and services offered by us and others through the use of a cookie (such as a Google Analytics or Double Click cookie) pixel tag or other web technologies. We, Google and other selected marketing organisations and may use this anonymous information to inform, optimise and provide targeted advertisements to you.

If you would like to block some or all of the cookies on our website from being downloaded onto your computer or device, you can do this by manually adjusting the cookie settings on your internet browser. To learn how to manage the cookie preferences on your internet browser, click on the 'Help' menu on the internet browser.

If you choose to block some or all of the cookies on our website, parts of our website will not function correctly and may not function at all. This means that we may not be able to offer our web services to you. You may not be able to search for courses, events or tours, make a new booking, or change an existing booking on our website. Also, you may not be able to complete other online transactions that would normally be available on our website for your convenience.

For more information on how to control your cookie settings and browser settings on your computer, and how to delete cookies on your hard drive, please visit or


We welcome your feedback on our privacy policy. Please send your questions, concerns or comments regarding our privacy policy and any requests for access, correction, a copy of or the deletion of your personal information to:
By e-mail to:

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